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Technical Web Services can help you promote your site through paid services such as Applegate,, Kelly search, Google ad campaigns, Business Magnet, and other specialised service directories. All promotion services are carried out for existing customers only, although for a premium the service can be offered to non customers.

Google Adwords

The google adwords program can be run as a service for existing customers. TWS provide Google Adwords campaigns for £50/month (or for small fully TWS managed services cost + 20% - less than £1000/year). Google ads are a great and very cost effective way to generate extra traffic for a site. The cost per click can be exceptionally economic costing as little as 1p, although typical rates are 10-40p with agressive and highly competitive campaigns running at £1.00+. Even at £1.oo+ a hit Google still undercuts all major competitive business directories. Google campaigns can also be run between certain hours which means you can for example only run your campaign between 9am and 5pm, week days.

A new feature for 2011 is Google Ads integration to the client COUNTA sytem. This is an exciting development that means customers can see in real time (even before Google Adwords knows) what keywords have been used to find your site. This makes it easy for customers to get a real time overview of what their Google Ads campaign is doing in an easy to digest format. The system basically shows Google Ads traffic in a reverse chronological order, with of course all the extra indepth drilling afforded by the COUNTA system.

Directories Free

TWS have a database with over 4000 directories which are classified for easy reference. Clients are submitted to all relevent free directories and traffic returns are monitored through the client control panel. Whilst generating traffic, this also allows clients an insight into which directories are worth spending more with inorder to increase traffic. Many of these directories and highly specific and industry niche.

Directories Paid

TWS undertake paid submissions on behalf of clients for cost + 15%. Results can be monitored through the clients control panel and an end of service review is carried out to determine directory investment value. Directory traffic tends to be more qualified although lower traffic volumes make the cost per click generally higher. Prime directories include Kellysearch, Applegate and Business Magnet.

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