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Technical Web Services will manage web sites. The basic service (Serviced Site) incorporates four quarterly update windows allowing for simple content management, search engine inclusions, directory listings and keyword management. Changes are also allowed at any time during the year as and when subject to a fair use policy and service levels.


The objectives behind managing a web site are primarily to ensure the site is functioning, to identify possible improvements and options for development and to keep relevant content fresh. Not all sites 'need' management. Some sites will plod along under their own steam for years. However, in the experience of TWS, there is always something to do. The chart above shows a new web site after 4 months. This is actually typical of most web sites as they bed in. Keeping an eye on trends such as the four bars in the lower graph which represent the last four months allows us to determine the condition of the site. From data such as this we can make decisions, we can monitor the success of marketing campaigns, and we can share a common language to describe the mechanics of the site.

But the management of a site is more about looking at numbers. Its about being there when a company relocates and changing the address details across the internet. Its about reviewing other web sites and ensuring and picking up on best of breed techniques and applying new coding methods. Its about building more meaningful information. Reacting to changes in the internet landscape and reassuring clients that their web site is being looked after and is not just a distant object on the other side of the ether.

The amount of management you are entitled to depends on the service level used. The standard web design and management service offers what is described as the 'Serviced Option'. This offers a proactive and responsive service suited to most peoples needs. Higher levels of management are also available if needed, as dealt with in the next section.

Management Levels

The table below shows the number and type of updates allowed under each management category.

  Cost SEO Quarterly Reviews Client Updates Design Mod. & Development
Hosting £80/y none no none none
Serviced £200/y In Review yes 4/year (words & pics) 1/y
High Use £500/y In Review yes 3/month (words & pics) 2/y
Extended £800/m Ongoing yes unlimited (words & pics) unlimited

There are a number of conditions that apply which are detailed in the Schedule Of Works which is available on request. Essentially changes are limited to approximatly 1 hour, if they take longer than that then they could incurr a charge.

Listening To You

But above all, the management of your web site is about listening to you. When clients ask for something, TWS strive to achieve it. When a client wants a way to upload POD's to their web site so clients can see them online through a secure connection, it was done. When a client said they liked the idea of the news box but wished that they could edit it, it was done. When a client asked for a complex online tariff calculator to replace their traditionally printed gazetteer, TWS produced the tool. Management of a web site is about listening to the client and carrying out their will.


The management is also about responding to trends. The days of animated GIF's of envelopes and phones are long gone. Today we have new options on the horizon. Does my site look good on a 1680 - 1050 wide screen lap top? Do i need relevant RSS news feeds? Does my site need CSS and Web 2.0 work. TWS are always there, watching the changes and responding for you.

“A full management service for SEO, technical content, CMS, news, ftp, client areas, document control and much more.”

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