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Technical Web Services offer specialist website analytics designed specifically for the typical TWS customer. The system is designed to be easy to use and interpret and is under constant development.

The paragraphs below provide a rough breakdown of the analytical counter system.


There are a number of web counters and analytical tools on the market, however, its remarkable the number of people that have no idea what the traffic to their site looks like. Free web counters range from Nedstat and Extreme Tracking through to server based tools such as webaliser. Google also provides a comprehensive tool that allows for fairly advanced website traffic monitoring. However, all of these systems are designed to be comprehensive to suit everyone's needs and as such provide far too much information than is immediately required by the average web site owner. As such, TWS has devised a concise counter and analytics system to meet the more immediate requirements of its specific market. This system represents a significant feature of the TWS service. The sections below provide a rough overview of each particular element.

For a list of non TWS client sites that have counters available click here (password required).


The COUNTA system represents a basic overview of traffic, a snapshot of which can be seen at the top of the page. The counter shows daily and monthly traffic as two separate bar charts giving a clear and immediate idea of traffic volumes. Below this is a reverse chronological list of the 100 hits showing date, time, reverse IP and referrer. The data can also detect occasional networks and extract around 50% of search terms. This means that if a large company, or a company with a network has visited your site, such as an oil company, airline or local authority you can tell who it is, ideal if your market is business to business. The keyword extraction makes it easier to see what people were typing in to find your website.

Search Terms

The Search Terms feature synthesises all the keywords from referrer strings to and shows them in alphabetical order showing the times the term has been searched for and with quick links to Google, Yahoo and Bing to do a search with that term. An interesting feature. Also includes a simple search feature to allow you to select only the items that include the term you are interested in.


The overview is a hand moderated section that details base key words, update times, domains, directory listings, page rank links, Back link tools, search engine indexing and much more.


Aggregating the companies from the main counter this page shows only hits that might have originated from a company giving you the referrer link and the website of that company as well as the date and time.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence tool is a power feature that lets you track companies visits to your web site. Its an extension of the Companies section and allows you to select know entities that you have an interest in and make notes as required.


The ranking feature allows for online management of search terms. Most SEO 'experts' will rely on a never ending sharing of spread sheets and reports to communicate with their clients about SEO performance. The COUNTA system does all this online in the convenient confines of the clients site. Search terms can be entered and their position in Google, Yahoo and Bing monitored (manual checking) with optional mapping to a respective SEO page that is tasked with attracting traffic for that term. The screen shot below gives a hint at how that works:

The results are colour coded for easy performance recognition, Green being less than 10, black being 11-30 and red being over 30-100. The system is date stamped so you know when the results were last looked at. You can also look deeper into the history of each keyword as shown below. Please note that because this is a new feature there is only 1 months data in this particular example, but as you can see, it is designed to show all recorded results for the last two years although you have to record those results which is ideal for intense keyword performance tracking and analysis which also works over the long term:

The Rankings feature now also includes functionality for managing Google Adwords campaigns against keywords, sorting, and exporting for ease of copy/paste into other documents such as Meta Tags and directory listings etc.

Site SEO

The site SEO page is actually a structure list of page names, titles, meta descriptions and keywords which provides a comprehensive view of these details in one page, ideal for reviewing page details. The screen shot below gives an indication of how that works:

Clicking the page name takes you to the page, the top line in blue is the title, the green is the description and the black is the keywords. Convenient quicklinks for W3C and CSS validation tests as well as speed checks are also included to ease page by page inspection. The date stamp is a convenient way to determine the last time the page was updated, convenient for ensuring pages in a site are 'fresh' in the eyes of Google. A new feature is the integrated one, two and three word keyword density feature which allows for real time checking of keyword density, a relevant factor in SEO often overlooked and not easy to manage, unless you have a system like this.


The tracking features that allow you to track visitor activity over time. Combined with company tracking this allows you to really get a good feel for whats happening. You can see when a visitor found you though a google search, and then returned a week later looking for you by name. You can detect long term trends and modify your site accordingly.

Directory Management

A significant part of the COUNTA system is the directory management toolset. The COUNTA is primed with over 4000 directories and allows the user to serch for and add their site to respective directories. The system also allows for the logging of all other inbound link types such as social media, blogs and forums. This system then allows you to keep an eye on where traffic is coming from.

Browser Management

The browser section covers the variety of current web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome although the section is scalable making it easy to include other browsers and platforms such as mobile devices as the need arises, for example to compliment the roll out of media queries. The snap shot below shows a section of this management tool. Whilst official sources can provide accurate statistics on the distribution of browser use, there is only one place to go for the definitive answer and that's YOUR WEBSITE. This tool tracks browser use and displays it graphically as shown. We can then see which browsers are the most important for your site. The system also has a toggle update so we can time stamp the last time we used a particular browser to look at the site, thus confirming that it functioned correctly. TWS has computers kept aside for the explicit purpose of testing Internet Explorer back to ie 6 and upwards as well as the use of Adobe BrowserLab. You can see below that over 50% of traffic is IE based. Many SME sites do actually find that up to 90% of their traffic comes from IE and that of that 60-80% comes from IE6-7 which are well known for their browser issues. This system is not 100% accurate but its good enough for general purposes.


The system is set up to be flexible and can be modified to include almost any other feature required. The counter environment often hosts content management elements such as news, vacancies, document upload, comments and price lists.

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