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Technical Web Services offer specialist consulting services for small to medium sized businesses at £150/day plus £50 if a written report is required. Consulting can be provided covering the following areas:

Web Site Design

TWS can offer consultation on web design including basic principles, best practice, SEO, Scalability and a whole range of other factors that can influence decisions relating to starting a web site. For example, proof of concept and pilot trials can be cheap effective alternatives to large scales financial losses and business failures. TWS can advise on expected traffic levels for markets, issues relating to scalability, cost issues and visual aesthetics in relation to design drafts. If your interested in developing a website, large or small, a TWS consultation could help.


TWS can help develop marketing strategies. With nearly 10 years experience in the ever changing IT market we have the experience to provide expert advice on a whole range of marketing strategies. Much is this field involves the review and selection of online directories and web based promotional services as well as Google Ads and other types of pay per click. TWS can also advise on some offline marketing strategies including print advertising, telemarketing, email marketing and mail shots.


TWS offer complete SEO services. To determine what SEO can practically offer you it can be worthwhile to find out what exactly can be achieved using this technique. TWS can advise on expected results and returns and help draw the big picture for you. For more on our SEO services click here.

Tender Analysis

If you are involved in looking at several design quotes for your web project you could find it expedient to spend £150 to have an expert look into the proposals to help you determine which one offers the most suitable package for your needs. With web design costs wildly fluctuating you can easily save several thousand pounds by making the right choice. Examples of this include proposals that included £1500 for Paypal IPN integration, a component that doesn't involve much more than 10 lines of code and an understanding of the processes involved. This service can also determine how realistic tender proposals are. For example, simple postcode functionality based on a table containing all the UK postcodes, 1.5 million of them, is not feasible, TWS can ask driving questions that determine exactly how certain functionality can be achieved. Determining who will do the work, looking at the company background and analysing workflow can also be useful to do before you sign a contract.

Contract Negotiation

TWS can advise on contracts and pricing. Quite often people don't know what a service provider is doing. TWS can look at your contract portfolio and help rationalise and economise, moving domains from one host to another and saving money, canceling unwanted services such as spam protection, identity protection and large bandwidth services etc where overselling has occurred. For large contracts such as SEO, server support and maintenance, TWS can analyse current service levels and put forward more realistic alternatives, often negotiating directly with the service provider. Examples include the provision of directory services which has successfully on multiple occasions been renegotiated from £2-3k+ down to £500 or less, overnight, from the same provider. If you have big bills you have been paying for years it could be worth reviewing them.

Web Standards

TWS can advise on web standards and how they effect you. Most people hear about web standards through indirect channels and hearsay and don't fully understand the implications. The internet is a myriad of emerging technologies and standards which can often blind a person to the true objectives and purposes. TWS can advise on the significance and benefits of CSS code, the use of historic tags including tables, implications of HTML5, XHTML and all their variants, as well as advise on hardware platforms such as PC's, Macs. IPhones and IPods. TWS can advise on the implications of browser types, screen resolutions, and web safe features including accessibility. THis service is provided based on experience as opposed to direct implicit study and a preliminary examination of your exact needs would determine at an early stage whether your requirements can be met by TWS. For example, TWS seldom get involved with broadcast, podcast or streaming and would not get involved in these issues.

Application Development

If your thinking of developing a web based application TWS can help. Whether you are developing an online processing, ERP/MRP functionality, online sales or customer interaction, TWS can advise on relevant issues such as scalability, cost, maintenance, support, trouble shooting and a whole range of other factors that effect online application development.


TWS are always happy to consider providing consultation on a range of general topics other than those mentioned above. Whether its copyright issues, stolen content, domain troubles or just simply a review of your current web based portfolio, TWS can help. For more information feel free to call on 07745 466608.


“Leveraging 12 years in business TWS can offer consulting services across a wide range of web site subjects.”

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