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Technical Web Services offer Web Site Audits for £150.

Web Site Audits are a recommended option for web site owners who have legacy sites (old sites) and want to move forward which contain a significant amount of value that should ideally be transferred to any new development.

In most instances web site owners treat their old web sites like brochures, throwing away the old ones and ordering some nice new ones. This can however be a big mistake. A web site audit will provide you with a concise report and short consultation detailing your web site assets with recommendations.

The Web Site Audit includes the following although all sites are different and may have other items of interest.

Technology Platform: doc type, script, server

Assets: list of pages, significant content, text, pdf's, images

Domains: List of domains, hosts, expiry dates, ownership, value, age

SEO: Traffic analysis, keyword performance, back links

Data: Databases, text files, static data

Email: Email list inc pop, forwards & catchalls

User Experience: General recommendations of user experience

The list above is a brief overview of the primary areas covered. The report will fact find and present recommendations as is required for each site. The recommendations will also provide guidance on site development and specific questions, for example:

Is it ok to walk away from a site entirely redrawing all content or should existing content from a site be integrated into a new design.

Effects of change of domain on traffic and SEO vs re branding (inc canoconical considerations)

Risk analysis where site performance can be significant. even slight changes can result in reduction in traffic of 70%

Is my current site code beneficial for my requirements? Issues relating to flash, frames, image based content and conditional CSS

What are the implications for going forward? Is it necessary to change my code to the latest specifications? What do changes in browser standards mean for me?

What will the impact of developing my site be?


A Web Site Audit is an important process for anyone that has a web sites which they might feel is currently some weight. Often a web site owner might not know how well their site is performing, relying instead in feelings. This means they are playing in the dark. A Web Site Audit from TWS will offer direct guidance on how any developments might impact on your business.

The Web Site Audit will also advise on the urgency of development, for example, an e-commerce site with 300 items which under performing a clients ebay account and has problems with the ordering system could well be determined as requiring immediate development whilst a site responsible for 50% of a companies monthly sales which the owners felt needed a facelift might not be flagged as urgent and could instead could be flagged as being better off left unchanged, in some regards.

If you have a web site and you are considering development but are unsure of the holistic implications, call TWS now on 07745 466608 and book your Web Site Audit. You can pay for you web Site Audit using the Paypal button below. (please call before paying to confirm suitability)

Business Analysis

TWS offer basic business analysis for web sites. This service costs £500. The business analysis service will look at your companies financial's, including turnover and sales profits etc to determine order value and site monthly & yearly income values. This report which is based on rough metrics to be determined with the client will provide a written statement with commentary on the value of a web site and recommendations & implications for development.

The Business Analysis service is an extension of the Web Site Audit and so includes all elements of the Web Site Audit, however, it will also focus on the financial aspects of the site with recommendations for increasing profits, or even reducing costs.

Business analysis will also cover advertising and associated costs such as those associated with Google Adwords campaigns, directory listings and other web advertising.

This service is not suited solely to e-commerce shops, but is also applicable to manufacturers and service providers. In fact anyone with a business can benefit from this service. The only question is, do you hope to benefit by more than £500 by doing so?

By determining the true value of a web site you are then better placed to allocate a more appropriate budget to support, maintain and develop the site, slowly nurturing a greater return.

The Business Analysis service is also ideal for companies involved in business venture and are setting up a new site. TWS can prepare a written statement on potential sales and profits.

Please note that the TWS Business Analysis Service is based on 9 years of web design & development experience, and that TWS are not economists, accounts or business specialists. However, the TWS service is an effective service for people who lack the technical insight into how business operates on the internet. The service offerings will be based on the information detailed on this page as well as agreements made with the client either verbally or in writing, and all Business Analysis is made using common sense principles and fundamental maths.

To purchase the Business Analysis service please call first to confirm suitability, and then pay using the Paypal link below:


“Specialist Audits to help with position statements regarding web site strategy.”

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