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Technical Web Services offer full website design and management services. The standard website design service costs £1200 and is aimed at people looking to generate results from their web presence. Other cheaper options are available, see comparison.

If you would like to take your interest forward then feel free to call now on 07745 466608.


The full website service includes both design, promotion and management and is aimed at companies looking to get the most from the internet. The service includes a free site visit*, indepth business consultation, photographic work where required and much more. Multiple design options can offered following the principles of design for performance which means that your sites SEO is addressed at the earliest possible stage.
*free site visit with 20 miles. Site visits outside this radius charged at daily rate

Responsive Design

The full website service includes design for mobiles and pc's using below 800px and above 800px style sheets. Additional style sheets are an additional cost but in general 2 is enough. This service is based on existing PC design. Bespoke mobile content is different from main design or not inherent to main design charged at £300.

Brochure Quality Print Outs

A lesser trumpted aspect of the web is the nature of print outs from web pages. TWS accomodated what it defines as Brochure Quality Print Outs. This is not exactly brochure quality but the idea is that each page can be printed out in such a fashion that it looks and reads well when printed out at the desk top. TWS customers take advantage of this in knowing that they can recommend that customers print out the page they are on, knowing that it will look reasonable. This is in comparison to 99% of most web sites where this feature has not bee addressed. Try printing this page out (print preview) and see what I mean.

“Base in Slough, Berkshire TWS are ideally located in Slough for customers for who meetings and a little more familiarity with their web site manager is required.”

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