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TWS offer Social Media support to existing clients. Whilst not Social Media experts, TWS can sign and register accounts on your behalf with basic configuration for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, You tube and Google+ etc.


The benefits of engaging in social media vary depending on your type of business. The more consumer and public focussed companies will tend to benefit more, in particular businesses with a strong leaning to web only based operations More traditional manufacturing and engineering companies might it a little harder to see a compelling requirement to embrace social media, however, it can still benefit even the most incompatible of market sectors.


Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform and it currently makes sense to have a basic Facebook platform with a simple bubble widget on your site allowing people to like your site. As with many social media platforms, users must be logged in to commit a like on your site. The primary benefit of the Facebook platform is the Kudos of having the icon on your page. this show visitors to your site that your playing the game and are wide awake. If your lucky, you might find you get more from your Facebook registration. For example, some people like to 'LIKE' sites and if they 'LIKED' your site then they will presumably find it a little easier to come back to. Once a site is liked then other people in their network might see that fact and visit your site on recommendation. The friends of the person that will see that they have 'LIKED' your site and might in turn visit your site. However, if your a mainstream 'business' without a service offering to the general public then this type of 'networking' might not be particularly worthwhile.

However, if you can get some 'LIKES' for your site, it will make your site look a little more credible and more likely that you will gain business.

From SEO perspectives you get a link from Facebook to your site which is a small benefit plus as your 'LIKES' go up your search engine rankings can also improve. However, for small companies this will never amount to much.

It is worth noting though that Facebook can be used for a lot more, but to learn what you the client will need to explore Facebook and figure out how you can use it further to your benefit.


Twitter is a nice little tool that makes it easy to make micro news announcements quickly without the onus on creating lengthy content items. TWS uses Twitter on the front page of this site to announce quick changes and improvements to service offerings. Twitter is easy to set up but unlike Facebook does require at least some commitment to adding tweets. There is quite a bit more that Twitter can offer the more advanced user if required.

Google Plus

Google+ is a nifty little tool in that its basic widget requires no set up. Whilst you can sign up for a Google+ account there is little compelling reason to do so. However, having the Google+ icon on your site means that if anyone signed into the Google empire at any level such as GoogleMail or Google Analytics or anything else will be able to Google+ your site. This will help your general Google rankings to some extent, BUT the magic is that if that same person who has already Google+'d you at a later time Googles for your services, they will see your site much higher up the rankings by anything up to 50 places higher. In practice it means they are more likely to see your site again in the Google search engine results and as such use your services again if relevant.

You Tube

Video is much under used. Mainly because there are no real direct applications. Most people in business don't have time to create videos and especially compelling videos. However, if you do then Youtube can be used to quite good effect. even simple videos of your machines in operation, vehicles being loaded or life in the office can be interesting. Also, by using screen capture systems you can demonstrate your software systems whether that's design, sales order processing or just a power point presentation detailing your companies services. You tube can offer quite a lot of compelling content. You can even use it to do simple video blogs.

Linked In

Linked In is a popular networking tool for professionals in a wide range of businesses where networking with peers is a desirable objective. Whilst you have to do the networking, TWS can set up the account for you if your new to it, and integrate the links into your site.

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