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Technical Web Services can develop secure password protected client areas with or without SSL encryption to support client login areas and support for remote users. Sites with large numbers of users can be supported with a client managed username and password system.

Members Only Areas

TWS offer the creation of members only web portals for collaboration as well as applications such as presenting online POD's and invoices.

Editable Web Content

For clients wishing to edit their own web content a secure portal can be created allowing access to a simple content management system.

Document Control

Another example of this type of application is the control of pdf documents, typically product sheets with moderately confidential information. TWS have experience in the development of document control systems for the delivery of pdf documents online that can be seen in list format online, but are protected by HTAccess control. Customers without a password are directed to a sign up page where they are required to submit their details. It is then at the discretion of the site owner to determine whether access is allowed, and this is done through a secure password management system which allows the site owner the option to delete any passwords at any time. This system is ideal for controlling access to technical data sheets whilst at the same time promoting their existence.

Client FTP & Project Manangement

A recent development enhanced for 2013 are client ftp facilities for client interation including project management. Client ftp portals are integrated with your web site to give seemless document sharing capability with your customers. The TWS client (you) simply add and administer simple usernames and passwords for your clients, they can then log into your website directly and see a dedicated non-shared area where they can upload files and add folders for images, tenders, drawings, spreadsheets and pdf files etc. You can then coordinate online with your client directly via a common working interface as well as access documents remotley and allow other members of your company to access documents and files from home and on site.

This enhanced ftp system is a professional interface offering a perfect alternative to traditional third party ftp based processes that you might already be using.

If you have never shared documents online with customers before but are interedsted, please call on 07745 466608 to find out how this funtionality can help you improve your business.


A natural follow on from secure client areas are company web based intranets. See here for more information.

Sports, Clubs & Tuition

The TWS ftp system is ideal for customers involved in member based or tuition based businesses. Member pages can be added and managed and progress documents uploaded including custom training programs, diet plans, progess documents, lessons and awards. The system allows you to upload any document so is an ideal solution if you are currently sending people Word documents or pdf's and finding that they invariably loose them or cant find them at critical moments.

Word Of Caution

Please note that all online secure areas are still essentially at risk of being made public. Although its virtually unheard of you must consider the risks in advance. Most documents are not so critical that the risk is to great, but in general its not advisable to use the system to keep passwords, confidential financial records or anything else that is highly sensitive. In particular simple names, addresses and contact details for clients can easily be left out and this will protect your customers in the event of a security breach. Neither should you consider the ftp space as a master depositry (unless you choose to at your own risk) but instead use it as a reflection of your own immediate records stored locally on your pc or server. Servers can fail, although this is again vurtually unheard of.

“TWS offer solutions for secure client areas based on static and dynamic HT Access with client managed content facilities.”

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