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TWS undertake Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for existing sites using a variety of techniques as a stand alone service. Each technique increases in complexity and cost as detailed below. Successful SEO can transform a mundane site into a traffic magnet that has an enormous impact on a companies bottom line. Services are detailed below:


TWS has an excellent track record in SEO work, however, we do not perform miracles. The services offered are aimed at optimising a sites performance within the scope of its market. Site optimisation will result in the optimal performance of your site within that market and not necessarily top rankings across the board. However, from experience we can say that owning top positions for keyword root words, ie, "widgets" will not in itself generate a high rate of traffic, rather terms such as "plastic widgets" or "moulded widgets" will be significantly more common place. As such a well optimised site will also capture these stem words to. This is more important if you only serve a niche market such as plastic widgets were hits for metal widgets are of no interest. Other qualifying stem terms include geographical locations. As such it is the objective of a good SEO campaign to address the broader spectrum of search terms and if in the progress of that the site strikes gold for the root term then all the better. Further, successful SEO does not necessarily dictate high traffic where the market is small or very specialist or where traditional routes to market are more usual such as in the case of aerospace engine manufacture where word of mouth and long term market research are more important than surfing the internet for the first company providing these services. For further information on how SEO can help benefit your company please feel free to contact TWS for a brief discussion on the potential.

The standard SEO strategy for regular managed customers covers Google, Yahoo and Bing..


The basic SEO service involves simple inclusion of suitable meta tags and page keyword density and is generally unobtrusive. Ideal for sites that might have been written inhouse and have not had the basics carried out on them before. This is a one off service. Rates based on 5 page site with additional pages, if included in project scope, at £10 each. £120


An intermediate SEO campaign involves rewording page content to reflect search engine requirements and requires potentially significant changes to the content such that the page may not be exactly what the client would intuitively feel they need or want to tell a potential customer, but will communicate effectively with the search engine to hopefully increase traffic. This is a one off service. Rates based on 5 page site with additional pages, if included in project scope, at £15 each. £200


An advanced SEO campaign is the same as an intermediate SEO campaign but is long term and requires a management contract from TWS as per the standard web site management service. The benefit of this campaign is that keyword performance and search engine rankings can be monitored and modified accordingly. Rates based on 12 page site with additional pages, if included in project scope, at £10 each. £600.


The intense SEO package involve 2 reviews each week and intense promotional activity. This service is long term with options for reduced activity such as 1 month on, two months off etc, and will usually have a particular objective. The intense service incorporates all the features of the Advanced Service except at a higher frequency. The cost of the Intense SEO service is £500 per month.


For truly effective SEO a site redesign is usually required. This approach transforms the whole site into a search engine friendly platform that will maximise traffic at all levels. The redesign service can be applied as either a one off service or as a long term managed option based on the standard web site management service. Bespoke tools are used to monitor search engine rankings and traffic levels. Search engines today look at entire sites in order to determine search engine rankings when indexing and not just the content of a single page. This requires a relatively simple, but well structured navigation system that helps Google to make the right decisions. Any site brought to TWS for SEO would be expected to undergo an SEO redesign, however, if it is felt that the design is already well built then a less advanced option might be preferable. £1200

“A full range of serch engine optimisation services from basic through to advanced with long term strategy development and accountability. All techniques fully explained and doumented.”

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