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Online questionaire technology allows you to run a questionaire as a stand alone operation or as an integrated part of your web site or marketing strategy. Open form based format means any number of questions including multiple choice and open ended text questions can be asked with the results sent by e-mail to any number of predefined addresses. Ideal for customer feedback, and general profiling.

Pop Up Questionaire Prompts

A popular approach to asking questions is to have a pop up appear. This makes it easy for people to respond quickly or ignore a short question. Alternativly the pop up could ask the visitor if they are interested in filling out a longer questionaire and forward them to one.

The pop up is controlled by a cookie and once answered or ignored will not appear again.

Advance Secure Dynamic Questionaires

TWS has experience in the generation of advanced dynamic Questionaires that the client can configure on the fly. These are generally bespoke solutions written to suit customer needs. For example, if you run a course you might ask people to send feedback at the end of the course. You would do this by creating a link (including bitly and QR) which the user follows to fill out the questionaire. However, the questionaire wil be specific to the course, so you would set the questions, including a variety of options for mutiple choice responces such as 'on a scale of 1 to 5' or a scale of very good to very poor' etc. This flexibility offers a range of advanced questionaires to be arranged to your specifications.

quality Assurance

Many ISO accreditation schemes require client feedback loops using questionaires. This can be readily achieved via a TWS system.

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“Integrated web based questionaires can be offered using basic form submission or more advanced database integration for graphic and report based analysis.”

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