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The PayPal Special is a cheap online shop that leverages the power of Paypal to allow you to get online quickly and cheaply to sell your goods. The cost is only £800. See an example here.

The PayPal Special is based on Wordpress and WooCommerce which are modern development platforms. The service comes with minor customisation and is not managed TWS can populate up to 50 products initially but the customer must add any additionally required items.

Basic design constraints such as the title image, colour scheme and fonts can all be modified to suit your requirements. All content must be provided by the customer, ie, about page, returns policy etc. The basic content is not ordinarily editable once finalised although changes can be made for a fee or as part of a managed service agreement.

This system is ideal for entry level e-commerce projects and simple items such as books, jewellery, flowers, art or even mainline products such as industrial consumables, pumps, valves, electronics and the like. There is no limit to the number of items that you can enter other than the natural constraints of the screen size and download times.

The PayPal Special is a simple solution and does not cater for more complex functionality commonly associated with more comprehensive e-commerce solutions. The benefit being that you can get online quickly and cheaply.

Please note, e-commerce is not necessarily an easy game to play and many good ideas fail simply because they don't get the search engine exposure or there is simply no demand for the products. It often helps if you have either multiple routes to market, ie, word of mouth, flyers, an existing shop etc or you have the dedication to persevere with your marketing.

The system can be fitted with the TWS proprietary COUNTA system and/or Google Analytics to allow you to carry out traffic analysis.

Original Paypal Special

For fans of the original Paypal Special as see here, this version is still available in all its glory for £600.

If you want to find out more about how the PayPal Special can benefit you please feel free to call for more information, 07745 466608


“The Paypal special is a very quick and simple solution to start selling things online. Leveraging the latest in Wordpress and Woo Commerce functionality.”

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