Kindle File Generation


TWS offers integrated support for the generation of Kindle books from customers websites.

The service is a wholly bespoke process built to client specification and can be written to run off of database content or file uploads.

At present the service is at a basic level that allows the client to create basic books of virtually any size although more complex processing and functionality can be considered.

Files Generated Include:
  • .opf
  • .css
  • text.html
  • toc.html
  • toc.ncx
Although other files can just as readily be generated.

Please note that this solution might not suit everyone. You will need a particular approach to your work for this to work. For example, if you wanted to write a long novel it would be ideal. But it would also be ideal for a person that had a web site detailing every type of bird in the UK. The site might have classifications such as water birds, migrating birds, birds of prey etc but there might be other classifications based on species and types. In this scenario as you built up each item you could then publish a book on all types of Sparrow. Once that is published you could work on Pigeons, but at a later date if you added more Sparrows and edited the existing items you could re-run the Sparrows book and then also create the files for the Pigeon book all the while maintaining and running a website on the birds of Britain. However, you might not want to run a public site and could therefore use the web tool simply for your own authoring purposes and have it under password control.

A prime consideration would be your own experience with Kindle publication, ability to use more conventional tools and the desirability of integrating a web based authoring system with simple book generation as well as the price as this type of service would probably be around £2k which is probably a lot more than generic Kindle publishing tools that are specific for the publishing documents across multiple platforms. However, if you are looking to get a web site anyway then getting one that supports your publishing activity would be a hard to match combination.

If you are an author and want to convert existing content into book format on the fly, generate adhoc reports, reviews, guides or anything based on current web content then TWS can help you to automate that process.
“.opf files with styles and tables of contents etc generated dynamically from web files, data or uploads for .mobi generation for upload to Amazon for Kindle book creation.”

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