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Technical Web Services can develop advanced graphic images to enhance an existing site or to develop a company identity, including banners, background images, 3D animation and photographic manipulation.

Photographic Development

TWS are often required to develop photographic material. In the past this has involved adding signwork and windows to the sides of buildings, removing junk, graffiti and reflections. Other types of photographic development include adjusting shadows and exposure, a common requirement for photographic material taken by clients indoors in bad lighting.


TWS undertake image development using Firework and Photoshop. These tools allow for graphic development of images such as map, photographs and company identity. Product images can also be captured for shop catalogues and product libraries.

Logo Development

A common requirement for TWS is to develop or simply rebuild a logo. Logos are often supplied as nothing more than letterheads or business cards. TWS have even replicated logos from vintage signwork which required photographing in order to create a base image. From there TWS can rebuild fonts, patterns and colours as well as enhancing and developing the logo, for example adding gradients, shadows and reflections etc.

General Creativity

All types of general creativity can be undertaken including montages, cartoonising and special lighting effects.TWS is not a graphics design agency and so we don't offer extensive in depth graphic design however, we can tackle most web related work and of course have the phenomenal power of Photoshop CS4 at our disposal. Below are a series of line drawings that were created by hand from original photos:

Dynamic Development

Graphic development can also include dynamic content such as this clock:

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