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TWS offer Google Ad campaigns for £50/month plus cost.

The service is a basic level service aimed at identifying core key terms, creating suitable ads, and configuring bids against them with either single or shared budgets.

This makes for a simple strategy and quite suitable for most requirements.

Any number of ad groups or campaigns can be built up over time but there is a fair use limit of 1-2 a month, and in most cases, one campaign is enough.

You can commit any size budget you like and the TWS fee stays the same at £50/m, even if your budget is £5000/m.

The campaign is set up on your credit card and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is kept up to date although TWS will prompt you if there is a known issue. Expired credit cards are often the most frequent issues in running campaign.

TWS will also integrate your campaign with your websites COUNTA which will give you visibility with your regular traffic volumes.

TWS will set the campaign up to run at a steady state but changes and modify settings in line with customer requirements, such as activating or deactivating campaigns in line with requirements, such as summer promotions or in support of quiet periods is included.

TWS will also consult on term suitability, expected click through rates and general performance expectations.

TWS does not delve too far into the advanced features of Google Adwords such as Ad Adjustments which are for fine tuning larger campaigns although standard settings such as negative keywords, broad, phrase & exact matching and Video-targeting are all included.

This offers a basic but adequate control of the Google Ads platform for enquiry generation.

Payment is made by standing order which the customer is required to set up. The customer can end the contract when they like and terminate the standing order.

It is worth noting that this is not a service that involves constant monitoring, tweaking and adjusting of campaigns etc. Although ongoing management is applied, variations might only be carried out every 2 months or upon client request, although for frequent periods of activity can be covered.

TWS aims to offer conservative campaigns by default. This means targeting positions 3-6 and spending a modest amount based on clients requirements. However, TWS has experience in running campaigns with annual budgets over £70k and understands that aggressive bidding is often required but will not engage in those strategies without direction from the client.

Google Ads are often applied where the web site itself is not ranking naturally or where the competition is strong and can be use strategically to cover weak areas in your search engine strategy. They are also attractive for otherwise competitive terms where there are numerous bidders plus Google maps that can push even number one rankings well below the fold.

If you are new to Google Ads, TWS will help you understand the mechanics and processes. You might like to start off with a monthly budget, for example, £200 and see how that goes, either increasing or decreasing it as time goes by.

A common complaint is that people don’t get any calls, but spend all their budget. This is a risk associated with running pay per click advertising campaigns. TWS will help you manage your expectations. All markets vary and some terms simply eat money. TWS can help develop longer tail term strategies for you and avoid costly core term bidding, for example, 'Couriers' which is massively popular, and instead build a campaign around exact or phrase match terms such as 'Couriers Slough' or Couriers Windsor'. These terms will be cheaper to bid for, lower volume, but more likely to convert. Your spend will be lower but so will your click through rate. However, if you have a large budget, bidding on the core term 'Couriers' in a defined geographic radius might work for you. As such, the first few months will help bed your campaign in and establish a stable monthly budget and bid rate which TWS can help you with.

If you are interested in having TWS manage your Google Ad campaign, please feel free to call. We are happy to hear from both existing clients and non clients.
“Scalable Google Ad Campaigns managed on an ongoing basis.”

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