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These days many companies already have an existing web site. If your company already has a website then you essentially have an asset with an inherent value that should be assessed before you wipe it away and replace it with something 'fresh'.

Many companies make the mistake of simply deleting their old site without truly understanding the value of their current asset. Whilst TWS keeps the content of its asset review service a relatively closely guarded secret, TWS will always carry out an asset review of your site before replacing it with a new 'fresh' site.

All web sites are assets in some form or another. To start off with, they all sit on a domain that has a value, and they all propagate a message across the world about your organisation. Inherent with this is a deeper value linked to existing traffic volumes, keyword performance and existing functionality. To replace all of that without thinking would be folly.

When you use TWS to redesign your web site you can rest assured that TWS are not simply interested in wiping away your asset and replacing it with a 'fresh' site designed to make our portfolio look good. We carry out an asset review to ensure that any latent value is reported, embraced and preserved.

TWS has spent the last 12 years ensuring existing clients have sites that perform with accountability, ie demonstrating in a visible fashion how well the site performs at every level. This advanced bespoke system is called the COUNTA which is taken from the word aCOUNTAbility. As such TWS understand all aspects of a sites performance beneath the hood and have years of experience in both developing performance as well as watching performance in certain circumstances such as third party redesigns to make the site 'fresh' completely collapse. This is a serious matter.

In fact, you could say that all web design companies should operate a CUTY OF CARE and carry out a DUE DILIGENCE report on any development of an existing site. But the frustrating fact is that TWS has yet to EVER find a company that does.

As such, if you value your web sites value AND your companies bottom line you should insist that the company you choose to redesign and develop your existing site can offer a clear strategic program to identify and preserve your sites current value. In short you should come to TWS first.

Please note, this particular aspect of TWS's web service is in addition to everything else that you would expect from a web development company, including great design, content, SEO and support.

For more information on how TWS can offer you a 'fresh' look and feel to your web presence AND preserve the value of your existing asset call now on 0208 123 0110.

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