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TWS offer a domain capture service for £50. This service can also be applied to .com and other TLD's.

This service is ideal for companies that know a particular domain is set to expire or for when there are other obstacles for immediate transfer through other channels. Domain Capture

The process of capturing a domain a manual one. Under Nominets domain rules a domain will become available on the market approximately 90-99 days after it expires. However, they have been known to appear earlier. Unlike other TLD's you cannot put a forward purchase order on a domain, you literally have to check on a day by day or even and hour by hour basis. However, TWS can do that for you for £50 which whilst paid in advance, is fully refundable if we fail to get your domain. Call now on 07745 466608 to discuss your requirement and use the Paypal button below to order this service. Cheque's also accepted.

There are many reasons why a company might want to capture a domain that they don't already own:

  • The domain is attractive such as (Unavailable, we've tried).
  • The domain was purchased in the name of a web developer who can no longer prove they own the domain. This actually happened, the owner purchased the domain in the name of her limited company which she had later dissolved and was unable to generate proof of ownership (it was a complex story), the best course of action was to let the domain expire naturally and then capture it, which we did.
  • Your favourite competitor has gone out of business and it looks like the domain has been let to expire. Pick up the domain and benefit from all the free links that that provides. Whilst the issue of collecting latent e-mails to that domain is a gray area, its another good reason to chase an ambulance.
  • The domain has great value otherwise. It does happen. I once spent an afternoon thinking that was available. Its was like someone had given me a million pounds and I was trying to figure out how to spend it. Unfortunately it was my brain that had expired, not the domain, but you never know.

Other TLD's

TWS also offer a domain capture service for other domains but the process will vary from domain to domain so please call for more information.

Domain Acquisition

TWS can also act as an intermediary in the acquisition of other domains. The idea is that TWS will approach a domain owner and attempt to purchase the domain directly for a price. We do actually have experience of this, securing domains for almost cost prices. However, in many cases the domain holder will see an opportunity to make money and will ask for an exorbitant amount of money .However, if you want the domain, its always worth a go. To find out how TWS can help you purchase a domain, feel free to call. This service costs £50 to non TWS clients but is free for existing managed service clients. Use the Paypal button below to pay for this service.

“Domain capture services for all types of domains.”

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