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Technical Web Services offer a content capture service using digital technology for both images and video. Image capture can be made on site or at the TWS photographic facilities.

Basic Image capture is part of the standard web design service, however, TWS offer this service to all interested parties. Images can be provided in original format, scaled and converted to web ready images and edited to remove background objects and set consistant background colours. Final image sets can be supplied on disk.

Digital Photography

Digital photography can be undertaken both on and off site. TWS base their service on the Nikon D90 digital camera. Image capture is ordinarily carried out at a range of sizes, generally around 3000px wide. Formats include PSD and JPEG. Image editing is carried out with a range of software including Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop.


Video is carried out with the Nikon digital camera which is equiped with large data storage for production grade video. Video is processed with the latest version of Adobe Premier Pro and can be exported for HTML5 or other applications.

Video is ideal for demonstrating processes such as machine operation, as well as video presentations and virtual guided tours.

Studio Photography

For more detailed photographic work, studio work can be carried out inhouse. TWS is equipped with a 6" by 4" studio table with backdrop facilities and lighting upto 1000 watts. Studio photography ideal ideal for capturing high resolution images of products and items under controlled conditions.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

TWS can offer simple HDR photography for specific projects and items. HDR is ideal for recording a greater range of tonal detail than a camera would capture in a single photo. Typical examples include shots that include both heavily shaded areas AND and areas of bright sunshine.

Product Photography

TWS have years of experience in product photography, in particular metal components. This service is suited to relativly high volume production and not for super high quality product engineering (TWS is not suited to time consuming product set ups such as food imagry, rather higher throughput snapping of item after item). Maximum size for items is around 500mm3.

“On site and studio photography services.”

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