County Industry

TWS has been running the business directory County Industry for 13 years since 2005.

TWS believe that the format and method behind County industry is the correct one, ion particular with relation to Google which is mostly considered a philanthropic enterprise even though it is a commercial corporation with profit as its number one goal.

By presenting, in theory, all web sites for a chosen topic the user is given the best range of options for their decision making process.


The power of 'lists' is almost unheard of on the internet these days, but that is exactly what directory’s should be.

In the past companies such as Kelly’s which published directories over a hundred years ago and its predecessors published clear lists.

Most people can even remember the Yellow Pages, especially business owners, in which every company would be shown for a given area regardless of their prowess or business acumen.

This created a clear playing field in which people had an exact point of reference to all suppliers for any given service from which they could develop a buying strategy around.

Of course, these days, people consider Google et al to be the modern counterpart to these easy to use reference guides. However, its not. Google is a scam that leads people to believe it is an omni-benevolent entity that presents information for the greater good.

Its the exact opposite. Google presents paid adverts first, and then links based on a self interest. Its Google maps are difficult to manage and companies are often left in a no mans land with rankings over position 30.

The Solution

Whilst not perfect, TWS has held onto and developed County Industry as a case study in correct search and the computerised generation of useful business orientated lists.

Print Directory

In April 2016 TWS launched the print on demand version of the directory. One reason behind this is that TWS believes that there is a market for proper lists of companies for proper businesses. Google et al like to think they can serve that role, but they cant. Whilst you can find some things, many good companies are on page 50+. Google puts its corporate pals at the top, companies like Yell, wikipedia and the BBC. Try it yourself, search for confectionery manufacturers. At the top, Wikipedia. Then look at County Industry under the confectionery section. Whilst County industry only has about 2% of the UK's total businesses, its a proof in concept. The print directory allows you to make a clear intelligent buying decision based on a clear presentation of potential suppliers that you can annotate with a pen, put post-it notes on and keep to the side for easy reference. If you miss being able to quickly skip through a proper business directory to start your decision making process, well, you can use County Industry online for free, OR buy the print version and keep it on your desk just like intelligent buyers from years before would do. Remember, these modern mafangled interweb directory services are all rubbish, only County Industry brings you industrial suppliers in a format to satisfy your esteemed need for enquiry.

Also, remember, if you have a copy and find that your particular area of interest is not as well covered as it might be, just let us know and we'll review it for future editions.

A buy now link will shortly be available.

To find out more about County Industry please call 07745 466 608.

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