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Technical Web Services offer a budget web site service using a standard format site template with design modifications. Words should be supplied in a word document along with accompanying pictures. The budget website costs £350. Two examples are given below:

Example 1
Example 2

If you would like to take your interest forward then feel free to call now on 07745 466608.

Wordpress Variants

TWS offer a variant based on Wordpress. This variant is ideal for people that understand how Wordpress works and is based on a standard template. The benefits of the Wordpress variant are that you can add and edit content yourself.


You can pretty much have what you like on a budget web site. The customer is responsible for providing the words and pictures which can be delivered in a Word document or some such file.

The budget site is based around 4 pages. this means you have 4 pages to fill with content. You can choose to have less if you want.

The budget web sites are not promoted by TWS or proactively managed, and as such once complete the site is permanent with changes being chargeable.

Customers can also have full access to their web site through both a control panel as well as ftp if they want to make changes themselves.

Customers can have upto any number of e-mail accounts (subject to fair use) for which they are fully responsible for configuring on their client systems such as Outlook. E-mails and passwords can be modified through the control panel by the customer for by email to TWS.

The budget web site is quick and easy to implement, usually within a few days.

Please note that the budget site is for companies that have no interest in anything more than getting a small degree of information on the internet for people that already know your web site address to look at OR companies with very local catchments. The budget site is not optimised for search engine traffic, submitted to directories or monitored in anyway; however it can be given basic optimisation, effective for local area results. From experience, budget sites do not generate a great deal of traffic and in some cases can often be seen to experience NO TRAFFIC AT ALL. That means no new business enquiries. However, they can be used to target local traffic in moderate to lightly competitive fields such as KEYWORD TOWN search terms. This makes them effective for local business such as florists, pubs, driving schools, removal companies and small shops etc whose typical market is directly within their own town. Only use the budget service if SEO is not critical. However, if you do not want new business but want current clients to see something on the internet then the budget service could well suit your requirements. One of the benefits of the budget service is that you can expect less spam and fewer cold calls because of the lower level of exposure.


To compare the primary feature of this web design option with other click here for full details.

“Cheap and Scalable budget sites for entry level.”

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