Established in December 2002 TWS has grown to be a market leader in web design and management within the industrial and commercial sectors.

TWS was incorporated in January 2014 after 12 years operating as a sole trader but is essentially still a single person enterprise focussing on offering a direct, personal and accountable service that you can rely on.

Over the years TWS has undertaken countless web design projects facing up to a wide range of technical challenges including database development, content management integration, software development, advanced SEO, and much more.

TWS work against two vision/mission objectives; Design For Performance and accountability.

Design For Performance is all about grappling the performance objectives of a new website at the first stage of development. Sometimes this is obvious, but in many cases it is not. Primarily the focus is on SEO objectives. Many web design companies focus blindly on stunning out of the box graphics that wow and stun the world, only to find that after the bill has been paid they need to go out and source an SEO company to deal with the objectives of generating traffic. However, its too late to address the SEO strategy at this stage, and in many situations its almost impossible. TWS has handled countless sites whose structure made effective SEO impossible, resulting in nothing more than a nice looking web site that will not perform and will look outdated in 2-4 years time. Because TWS address performance requirements at the very first meeting, drilling down to identify performance objectives even before paperwork has been signed, clients are assured of a service that is both optimised to generate results and looks great.

Accountability is the follow on for all serviced sites. All serviced sites are equipped with a specialist COUNTA, designed specifically to answer questions the TWS customers have asked and to provide insight into site performance. A detailed overview of this system can be found on the Analytics page. Suffice to say that the system provides the platform for demonstrating site performance or otherwise accounting for established design objectives. This is not a recipe for guaranteed success, but it does provide a suitable management tool offering visibility across a wide range of areas allowing for pro-active modifications to be made to enhance performance and achieve objectives. This is a critical differentiator for TWS as most design companies (especially your friendly printer that can also throw a website together for you with your printed letter heads and business cards, OR your mates pals wifes friends brother) will wave you good bye once the invoice is paid and will either refer you to third party agencies for SEO and development work or charge additional fees for their third rate piecemeal services. With TWS your sites success is factored in from the very moment you first call, and your small changes & modifications are only ever a quick email/phone call away.

Specialist Bespoke Functionality: TWS specialise in providing specialist bespoke functionality to suit a customers exact requirements. This ranges from customer updatable galleries, project portfolios, news sections and timetables/schedules through to online calculators, secure client document control, inventory control/display, cab driver profiles (dynamic) and product purchase systems as well as integrated email newsletter braodcast systems. Whilst this is not an open ended ticket for anything you can think of, its amazing what can be achieved with computer code via a web site. TWS are always interested in hearing customers ideas for web functionality and if possible will produce a site with an appropriate solution for no extra charge.

To find out more about what TWS can offer please call 07745 466 608.

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